Suitable for Adults & Children with Hidden Hearing Loss, APD and Auditory Neuropathy 

Despite having 'normal hearing', on a hearing test some adults and children may still struggle to hear. We can perform diagnostic speech and processing testing as well as electrophysiology tests to check the integrity of the auditory nerve.

If you or your child have a known hearing loss diagnostic tests to assess the the ability of speech processing may be a useful addition to any hearing habituation/management plan.  

We also can support patients by supplying or advising on the following.


  • Auditory Training

  • Remote Microphones

  • Soundfields for Classrooms

  • Safe & Sound Protocol by Stephen Porges (Coming September 2018) 

Assessments are £280 and take 2 hours to complete.

For Hearing Aids please visit our partners at the Liverpool Hearing Centre

Hypatia Dizziness & Balance, 78 Rodney St, Liverpool L1 9AR, UK

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